Best way to install SSL certificate on your site using cPanel

Digital certification (SSL )is important for the site and useful for search engines and SEO.

Therefore, we will learn the correct and detailed way to install it through the Cpanel.

we will buy the certificate from namecheap.

To install SSL we need to purchase the certificate, it appears in our account in namecheap as in the following picture:


We click on the Activate button to show us the next page asking us to enter a CSR for it .

Where do we get the CSR code.

Go to the site’s C-Panel and then to the SSL section as in the following picture:


Then we fill in the name of the domain, city, state and company in the place designated for them and then press Generate to show us the code for the CSR as in the following picture.



We copy the code shown in the previous image and go to namecheap as in the following image:


Then we click Next to go to the next step, through which we specify the type of our server, which is based on the C-Panel as in the picture:


Now we go to the process of verifying our domain ownership by sending an email to the official email.

for example “” or “”


There are several methods of verification, but these are easiest by e-mail.

If the e-mail address is not created before, we create it.

In the last step, we will set an e-mail for us to send the certificate files to it as shown in the picture:

Then we click on send as follows:



Now we have finished with the namecheap website. the process is awaiting activation by us through the email sent to admin or hostmaster as in the picture:



Now we go to the cpanel and to the e-mail to check it and activate the request:




With this step, we have finished and activated it in namecheap  , and it remains for us to install the certificate in the Cpanel.

We download the certificate files as shown in the following image :



Then we go to the cPanel and Upload the certificate file with the crt extension :






install SSL

After uploading the certificate file, we go back to the certificates and find the certificate and press the Install button, and by this we have successfully installed the certificate.



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