Create a contact form and link it to the page professionally

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Creating a contact form and linking it to the main menu of the site is important for SEO and in order to receive advice and services requests via email.

How to do this with WordPress?

We go to the plugins through the following link as in the picture:



Then we search for the Add Contact Form 7 as the following image :




After we install the plugin, we activate it , Then we go to the settings as in the following picture :


plugin setting


On this page we find a default contact form for which we are editing or adding a new form, as shown in the following image :

edit contact form


Then we make a customization of the form on demand by adding fields and deleting others by clicking on any field and then adding to the bottom:



How do we insert a contact form inside the page for visitors to send messages via e-mail :

We copy the short link at the top to any page we want, as in the following image:



Then we go to create a new page and paste the shortcut inside it to appear as in the following image:



 Any visitor who visits the page will fill out the required information and send it to us by e-mail.
But how do we determine which email the messages will go to?

By editing the form and going to the second tab called Email  and we change the e-mail in the “To” field to our e-mail and click save:


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