General settings in wordpress quick start !

When opening the control panel, the first screen appears after registering the converters, which is an overview of the site.
Provides tools and information on all new developments on your site .

ِAlso this screen can be customized from the above screen options

The main page of the control panel contains the main menu, which contains pages, articles,media library, comments, appearance options, plugins, tools and settings for the site.

How to open general settings in wordpress?

In dashboard can you go to  Settings >> Gerneral
It contains the general settings of the site, and you can go to them by clicking on the settings, then the general settings.
The general settings page appears as in the following picture


We will explain each matter separately:

Site Title: Displays the site name in the header.

Tagline: Shows a short description about your site.

WordPress Address (URL): This is the URL of the WordPress directory where all the essential application files are located.

Site Address (URL): Enter the URL of the site that you want your site to display on the browser.

Email : set your email address if you need to recover your password or any update.

Membership : Disable or enable user register an account on your site .

Site language : sets the language for site for left to right or right to left according language and change  dashboard language .

New User Default Role: When registering users, what is the default role for them on the site.

Timezone :Set the time according to the city.

Date format: How will the date appear on the site and below the posts?

Note :
When changing one of the settings, you must click the Save button to activate it on the site

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