How do we connect Google Analytics with our site?


Google Analytics is one of the most important Google services for analyzing websites and applications

We will learn how to link our site with it.

First, we go to the link:


We log in with a Gmail email Then the following image appears and we click on the admin button :

Then we continue and click on Create account as in the following picture:


Now write the name of the site and press next :

new account

Then we write the name of the property, i.e. project as in the following picture and press next :


Now we choose the size of the company and the tools we want Analytics to help us with :


business size

Then we agree to the usage agreement as in the following picture:



It asked if we need a site or an application, and in this case we will choose a site:



Here we write the site name without the prefix: “https://” :



after press create stream A tracking code will appear for us to make a copy to be placed in the header file on our site to complete the link between the site and Google Analytics :

tracking code


Now we go to our website and to the link , choose the header file, and peel the code between the head tags as in the following picture:



After clicking to update the file, we go to the homepage of analytics homepage to see the visitor count and statistics for our website as in the following picture:



With these previous simple and quick steps, we have linked our site with google analytics to easily measure the site’s performance.

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