The best way to create a sitemap and send it to Google Search Console

Google Search Console

In the previous lessons, we learned how to connect Google Analytics with the website, and today we are learning how to connect the site to Google Search Console  and creating a sitemap.

It is important for search engines and SEO , To start with, to create a sitemap, we go to the following link:



After completion, we download the file in XML  by click on view sitemap details as the following image:

download sitemap

Then we click on download.

download sitemap1

Now we want to upload the site map file to the cPanel inside public_html as the following picture :

upload sitemap to cpanel

Now, after the download is finished, we go to the main page of the Google Search Console through the link :

and click on Start Now Button.


We type the name of the site and then press continue :



Then we download the file to the cPanel inside a folder  public_html For the domain verification process :



After downloading the file into the folder public_html, we press the verify button .



The domain has been confirmed successfully, and now we are sending a site map link to Search Console as in the following image:



This was the last point in the process of linking the site to Search Console and uploading Sitemap to it.

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