Learn how to build a professional business website in 59 minutes ?


professional website In 59 minutes only

One of the advantages of WordPress is that you can develop websites through it quickly and professionally in record time compared to other development environments.

So today we will learn how to develop a website for a commercial company in just 59 minutes.

Install wordpress using cPanel (5m)

We will install WordPress automatically through the cpanel or manual setup as in the following image:


Then we go to the installation page as in the picture:


We click on install and then fill in the required information in the fields:


With this step we have finished the setup.

Install maintenance plugin (3m)

There are many maintenance plugin that make the site appear to visitors under maintenance, and for the manager he can complete the work on it.
One of the most interesting plugins is SeedProd  .

After typing the word maintenance in the search box, the add-on appears, and we install and activate it as in the following picture:


After activation, we go to the following main options and activate either the maintenance page or the soon page:

maintenance mode

Install free theme  (5m)

The most important point that the site will appear from is the template.

We will install a free theme from the theme library in as in following image:


We click on Add New and choose one of the appropriate templates according to the required site, and in our case we will choose astra.

Then we do the installation and activation of the template.

Install requirement add-ons (2m)

In each template, after activating it, we need to install the plugins that come with it.
In our case, there is one addition currently in order to import the demo in the next paragraph.
We’ll go to theme options and install the demo import plugin as shown in the following image :


Install demo data (7m)

After installing the plugin and activating it, it will automatically redirect you to the page builder that you will use to build pages and import demos:


We choose the most famous page builder, which is Elementor .

After we choose the page builder, then it will transfer us to installing the demo according to what we want:



We will choose a digital agency and click on it to go to import it as in the following image :



We note that this demo contains only four pages, and some may contain one page

Here we have the possibility to import the main page or the entire site of course, with the installation of the required plugins for this demo.

We will choose the entire site.



Now we have finished this step and we go to see how our site became:




Home page format (5m)

Go to the website’s home page and open it through the elementor as in the following picture:


We change the texts and images as needed through the tools on the left:


Edit Footer(5m)

By going to the header and footer from the appearance options, we find that the site uses a custom font as in the following picture :


We open the footer using elementor ,We click on any tool we want to change through the panel on the left. As an example, we changed the phone number with its hyperlink:


Edit Logo and menu(3m)

Now to change the logo and the menu from the template options .

We go to customize as in the following picture:


To change the logo, click on it as in the picture to quickly go to its options:


To change the last item in the list which is the button, we press the button as in the picture:


Of course, we can change the last item in the list from a button to the search box, for example, as in the picture:


The same way we edit the rest of the pages

Add Yoast SEO plugin for SEO and insert meta description (8m)

We go to the plugins and click on Add New and type the SEO in search box to show us the plugin of Yoast SEO , and we install and activate it:


After activating the add-on, we go to any page we edit and then add a description to it as in the following picture:


Here we add the keyword that the article is about :

Then we add the description to the page:


Compress images  (5m)

To compress images, we need to install a free compression plugin as



After installation and activation, we go to the options for adding and compress the images, as in the following image:


We wait a few minutes until the compression process ends, depending on the number of images on the site:


Activate cache for the site(5m)

Adding cache to the site speeds up the site’s loading.

One of the most important special plugins  to activate cache is one WP Fastest Cache



After installing the plugin and activating it, we go to the general options for it, as in the following picture:


We enable all options available in the previous image, With this, we have finished activating the cache on the site.

With this, we have created a professional site through WordPress and added to it SEO, cache and image compression, and we learned to modify it through the elementor page builder.


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