What is a domain, how is it reserved, and the best companies

ما هو الدومين وكيف يتم حجزه وأفضل الشركات

The video explains what the domain is, its types, the best and cheapest companies through which we reserve it, how we know the information of a particular domain, when its reservation and expiration date, what the sub-domain is and its uses, what is the official email, and the best site to book a free domain with Host for a trial period of two months. In a later article, we will learn how to transfer a domain between two companies ————————————————– ———-

The sites mentioned in the video

—-to reserve a domain ——-



——- To book a trial host and domain for two months——-


—-To know general information about the domain from the date of the beginning of the reservation until its end —-


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