4 of the best plugins to turn a WordPress site into a mobile app

4 of the best plugins to turn a WordPress site into a mobile app

Are you looking for a way to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app ?

Apps are a convenient way to control the delivery of your content and deliver a better mobile experience. With an app, you can increase engagement and reach a whole new audience through app stores.

In this article, we will share some of the best plugins to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app.

Why create a mobile app for your WordPress site ?

If you check the traffic on your website in Google Analytics, you will see that a large number of users access your website from their mobile phones.

The easiest way to ensure that mobile users have a pleasant experience on your website is to make it mobile responsive .

A responsive mobile WordPress site uses a design that automatically adjusts itself to match the user’s screen size. Almost all good WordPress templates are mobile responsive out of the box .

You can also find great mobile responsive themes for WooCommerce .

However, some companies may want to offer a better user experience by creating their own mobile apps.

Instead of visiting your website in a browser, users can launch an application from their home screen to access their favorite blog or online store.

Creating a mobile app usually requires programming skills, and there are a lot of development agencies that will create a mobile app for your website. However, this will cost you a lot of money (15,000 dollars and above).

If you want to create a mobile app on a budget, there are a few additional WordPress plugins that can help you turn your WordPress site into a mobile app. They are paid solutions, but they cost much less than hiring someone to build a new application for you.

Remember that using these plugins still requires intermediate to advanced WordPress skills. If you are a complete beginner , we recommend using a mobile responsive theme and optimizing your WordPress speed to gain more mobile users.

However, here are the best plugins to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app.

1. AppPresser


AppPresser is an easy-to-use platform that helps you turn any WordPress site into a mobile app.

They have a custom WordPress template for mobile that can be used to create an app for your blog, WooCommerce store, or BuddyPress website.

It has a visual app customization tool to easily change the appearance of your app, just like you would with a WordPress theme. You can customize colors, add custom pages, drag WordPress content, and more.

AppPresser offers integrated push notifications that are fairly easy to set up and manage.

2. MobiLoud


MobiLoud allows website owners to turn their WordPress sites into mobile applications. They have two products: one for news sites or blogs and the other for websites that use WooCommerce or other complex plugins.

It includes push notifications, mobile advertising support, analytics and custom branding. The application is configured, set up and can also be sent to the app stores on your behalf.

3. Androapp


AndroApp is another handy add-on to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app. It comes with offline support, multiple themes, internationalization support, unlimited push notifications, infinite scrolling, and local social sharing. It does not support WooCommerce or BuddyPress.

The plugin developer will help you configure and download your application, which you can then send to the Play Store yourself or rent an add-on to do it for you.

The big downside of this plugin is that the free version allows the developer to display his ads.

4. WPMobile.App

WP mobile app

WPMobile allows you.The App creates a mobile app from your WordPress site. You can purchase one lifetime license to build your app. All application setup and configuration operations can be performed within your WordPress Management Area.

It gives you easy tools to load app icons, buttons, colors, subtitles and more. It supports Google Analytics, built-in caching, offline content and compatibility with all popular WordPress plugins .

Other than that, the extension also has unlimited push notifications, social sharing options, and more.

If you are serious about turning your WordPress site into an application, we recommend using AppPresser or Mobiloud .

We hope that this article helped you find the best plugins for converting a WordPress site into a mobile application.


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