WHM Explanations – Website Creation and Spaces


hat is WHM control panel ?

The WHM (Web Host Manager) control panel is a server or reseller control panel that allows you to add multiple websites and accounts and create separate cPanel for each account.

It is beneficial if you want to start your own business and profit from selling hosting services, as well as for managing accounts and websites.

It comes for free when you purchase a reseller or server package from any hosting company.

The video explains the following:

  • What is WHM?
  • How to access the WHM control panel.
  • How to add a website to the control panel.
  • How to view the existing websites.
  • How to add packages, allocate resources, and provide space for each account.
  • How to access cPanel from within the server or reseller without a password.

Watch the video

More features of WHM will be explained in upcoming tutorials, God willing.



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