Create a blog in 5 minutes

create a blog

Do you want to create a blog ?

A self-hosted WordPress blog is the best and most popular type to create a blog .

Low cost (with money-back guarantee) makes it easy .

Setup takes a few minutes and no technical expertise is required .

So! You need two things to create a blog : self-hosting + WordPress .

Hosting puts your blog on the Internet and WordPress puts your words in the form of a blog .

We can easily have both at once .

Here’s my most favorite beginner setup

With advantages at the lowest cost, according to more than ten years of experience and expertise :

1 – Go to the Bluehost website (hosting site) and press the start button .

2 – Choose the option Choice Plus .

3- Enter the name of the domain that you want to use (as you can learn the difference between domains through the following link) .

4- Enter your account information.

5 – Inside the package info, choose an account plan depending on how long you want to prepay (there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk of that!).

6 – Deselect Package Add-ons.

7 – Proceed with the purchase process, choose a password and log in to your bluehost account.

8 – You can also answer or skip preparation questions, but add a blog when asked.

9 – Do not choose a topic now and click on the skip link at the bottom (we explain the reason later).

10 – Also , from the bluehost dashboard, you can click on the wordpress button at the top right, after which you will be taken to your wordpress control panel .

Congratulations, you have created a self-hosted WordPress blog ! so You can definitely write your first blog post now ( Dashboard >  Posts > Add New Post ) .

However, I highly recommend that you follow our full WordPress tutorial .

Notation is also like compound interest

So it’s better to launch it sooner rather than later .

Why shouldn’t I worry about the topic (blog design) yet ?

First of all, you better spend most of your time writing great content .

Why ? there are many reasons …

For traffic, you want to get to Google’s meter as quickly as possible (it takes a while) because Google cares about your words, not your design .

However, no one will see your blog until you promote it, and you cannot promote it until there is something to read.

It’s also easy to get your design just right once you have a large volume to work with, just like a balloon design looks better with air in it .

So, post 3-5 useful posts (skip the bland posts like “Welcome to my blog!”) and then choose a useful topic .

What is the difference between a blog and a website or the web ?

Blog : It is a type of website, like a magazine is a type of book. A blog contains blog posts such that a journal contains daily entries .

What is the most important thing about a “self-hosted” WordPress blog ?

In short, you will have more control and more income potential. Self-hosting means that you buy your own hosting .

The alternative is a free WordPress blog hosted on, which is not recommended because it will be limited .

Have you already started on ?

Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to migrate from to .

Can I start a free blog ?

Yes, but if you want to make money, we don’t recommend it .

You’ll have limited ability to earn income, lack of control, lack of support, only basic features, and if you want to switch later, it’s annoying .

So you have to start right .

Is WordPress better than Squarespace, Wix, Blogger, etc. ?

It depends on what you mean by ” better ” but in general

Yes, WordPress ( self hosted , not is the most popular type of blog and is used by both big and small bloggers .

It dominates similar platforms like Squarespace, Wix, and Blogger .

How can I make money from blogging ?

Five ways to make money online can be applied to any blog, but the best way to make money directly from the content on your blog is to have a niche blog .

A niche blog is a blog that deals with a very specific topic .

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