The best Elementor WooCommerce templates of 2022

The best Elementor WooCommerce templates of 2022

And Elementor. These are probably the two most common words in the WordPress world today. One is a page builder, the other is a fully functional eCommerce plugin here are some of the best WooCommerce templates .

If you can combine them together, you will get the best of both worlds. To do this, you need to find the Right appearance.

To enhance the shopping experience, the Elementor WooCommerce theme is a great choice. Both will be integrated together and run perfectly on the WordPress platform .

Elementor will give you all the page building tools you need to create and design a site without touching the code. WooCommerce will provide an e-commerce solution that allows you to sell physical and digital goods online in just a few steps.

How to use WooCommerce with Elementor ?

If you are wondering how to use WooCommerce with Elementor, then you are in the right place. The fact is that the page builder provided by Elementor works in the same way as any other WordPress-related content.

Page Builder gives you the opportunity to design beautiful pages using drag-and-drop technology. WooCommerce has functions that work well with Elementor and Page Builder technology.

However, there are specific themes that work best when these two products are used together. The trick is to find the best WooCommerce Elementor templates out there.

You want to be able to use all the functionality that both things provide, so when put together, you can create things like product lists and pages on the go.

WooCommerce brings peace of mind because you know it’s safe and reliable. Combine it with the most popular WordPress page builder, and you will have the ability to create something truly amazing.

Here are some of the best WooCommerce Elementor templates currently available.

The best templates of WooCommerce Elementor

1. Astra :

The best Elementor WooCommerce templates of 2022

Astra is a multi-purpose template for WordPress with an Elementor element. It also supports other page builders, but along with Ultimate Addons for Elementor, this theme provides full compatibility with Elementor as well as WooCommerce and most other WordPress components.

Astra comes with more than 180 entry-level models that can be installed in seconds. They include some specially designed for online stores and Elementor.

Astra is designed from the ground up to be fully compatible with WooCommerce, be extremely fast, and deliver the seamless online shopping experience your customers expect.

2. Hello :

Hello WooCommerce template

Starting our list of the best WooCommerce Elementor templates is one straight from Elementor called Hello.

This theme is perfect for Elementor and allows you to do all kinds of cool things. Apart from giving you the ability to create modern landing pages and other types.

With a responsive design, fast and secure code, and the ability to design and build around WooCommerce, Hello is definitely a template you want to check out.

3. Porto :

porto WooCommerce template

Porto is a multipurpose WordPress template that is fully compatible with WooCommerce and Elementor. The theme can be used universally with almost any additions and gives users the ability to create a great online store.

There are more than 90 demo sites included in the package, all of which are specially designed by the page builder Elementor.

Combine that with the added customizations you’ll find for WooCommerce, and you’ll get yourself one of the best WooCommerce Elementor templates available out there.

4. WooStroid :

WooCommerce template

It is one of the best WooCommerce Elementor templates available today.

The look gives you a nice little way to work on a combination of both products. There are a lot of functions, a lot of different templates and layouts, the ability to sell anything you want using an almost unlimited number of product page layouts.

There are also multiple tool zones, and the theme works great with Gutenberg . Honestly, this topic has it all. Although they are not as well known as some of the other themes on this list, they definitely provide you with all the tools you need to build a great online store using WooCommerce and Elementor.

5. The Retailer :

The Retailer is one of the must-have WordPress templates (or at least you should try it) that is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

It has many different page layout options, and even more when attaching an Elementor.

The template handles both WooCommerce and Elementor plugins perfectly, and it also comes with an easy setup process. It has a lot of options related to WooCommerce to go along with color swatches.

With flexible layouts and mobile-friendly designs, the Retailer template gives you the ability to sell any type of item online in many different ways.

6. Claue :

 claue WooCommerce template

If you are interested in a simple look at your site, while at the same time being able to use WooCommerce and Elementor to their maximum potential, then Claue is a template that you will need to take a look at.

This template is responsive and easy to use for mobile, it can be used for an online store or a blog. There are many header and footer layout options, and most importantly, a lot of built-in WooCommerce options that you can use in the Elementor page builder.

Product diversity swatches, color swatch gallery images, product video thumbnails, Custom Tabs, custom layouts.

With lots of built-in theme demos and an easy-to-use and understand control panel, Claue is the must-have for any simple designer.

7. OuiOui :


OuiOui is a template that allows you to quickly and easily build an online marketplace using a combination of WooCommerce and Elementor. The template comes with more than 10 built-in home page layouts, is mobile-friendly and responsive, provides multi-vendor support if necessary.

There is an easy-to-use one-click demo import system, along with a quick deal slider, daily countdown, live product search, color swatches and images. It has a very modern design and provides users with WooCommerce Product blocks.

With easy customization options, powerful template options, and featured video thumbnail support, the OuiOui template is worth looking into if you’re trying to create an online marketplace.

8. Zita Storefront :

Zita Storefront is actually a free WooCommerce Elementor template that you can download whenever you want. It provides a ready-to-use front page for a store and is fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Adjust the first page the way you want while using Elementor. Then go ahead and use WooCommerce to create product pages, categories, offer types, and much more.

The Zita template is one of the best free ways to get an online store using all the extensions described in this article. Take a look at it if you’re starting from scratch and looking to save some money early on in the setup process.

9. Neve :

The template is fast, lightweight, easy to use, has a lot of built-in page designs and layouts, new features are always being added, Perhaps the most attractive feature, it’s free.

The Neve theme is famous for its amazingly fast loading time. And The site usually loads within a second if it is built and optimized correctly. You can then add WooCommerce and Elementor and increase the functionality and layout options of the site.

However, even with the addition of these extensions, the site remains fast and maintains its loading time. Take a look at Neve if you need something fast, and it’s free to use.

10. Aora :

Aora is a lifestyle template that is fully compatible with WooCommerce and has everything already integrated. The theme is also compatible with all the different marketplace apps, so you can easily use it to start an online multi-vendor marketplace.

Unlike some other templates out there where you have to install WooCommerce and Elementor when the theme is activated, Aora already has the page builder and eCommerce plugin integrated and ready to run.

There are dozens of pre-built homepages, mobile layouts, pop-up smart cart functions, live Ajax search, product filters, and even amazing blog pages . The template gives you everything you need and much more to use WooCommerce and Elementor in one place to build a great online store.

11. Sober :

Sober is one of the best WooCommerce Elementor templates available. This scalable makes it easy for you to sell almost anything online using a combination of WooCommerce and Elementor.

It has a lot of add-on features and widget areas, a small cart, unlimited color schemes.

With a minimum of minimalist design options in your interior, this is a great option. It has a mobile-ready design and layout with more than 16 pre-designed displays that you can use.

So the Super template is definitely a template that you want to check out on your journey towards finding a template that is compatible with your choices.

12. Agota :

Rounding off our list of the best WooCommerce Elementor templates available is the one called Agota. This template, like the rest of the items on this list, gives you the ability to craft and design a fully functional online store using WooCommerce and Elementor.

There are quite a few site demos included and pre-prepared for their use. There is also something else unique about this template. They call it “aguta shop”.

This is a built-in store function provided by the template. The use of quick one-click installations allows you to import stunning store functionality to your ready-to-work site.

With a responsive, retina-ready design, huge menu support, customizable layouts, Ajax multi-layer navigation, and order management, Agota gives you everything you need to build an online store .

What makes the WooCommerce Elementor template great ?

Truth be told, if you want to combine these, you can do it on most WordPress templates. However, the template suggestions above go even further by being designed specifically for these two amazing products to work together.

Of course, you want to think about things like fast upload speeds, the level of integration with WooCommerce, and conversion rate capabilities.

So, let’s talk about what makes a good WooCommerce Elementor template. All the above templates in this list have the functions and options you want.

Fast loading time

First, a good template should load quickly. This should be the case no matter what. Therefore, even free WooCommerce templates for Elementor should be able to load quickly and perform correctly.

Fast loading time not only keeps customers on your site longer, but is also a very important part of website SEO in general .

Remember that it does not matter how good the appearance is, if it is not optimized for performance correctly.


The next thing you want to make sure when choosing a WooCommerce Elementor template is flexibility. Being able to customize all the demo content to match your store is a must.

If you are not able to do this, it will become frustrating. You end up with an online store that doesn’t look right and doesn’t match from the start.

This causes potential customers to click away from your eCommerce store. You want the right design, customization and functionality to be present.


Last but not least, you have to make sure there is a proper WooCommerce integration going on inside Elementor. Remember, there really is a big difference between “WooCommerce compatibility” and the ability to create an amazing shopping experience for your customers.

Using the appropriate WooCommerce Elementor template, you will be able to create an online shopping experience. Cool features also help. Some of these include:

  • Badges of trust
  • Shopping cart optimization
  • Unique product pages
  • Reviews

You are looking for ecommerce template and Elementor integration to work as a smooth, fast and consistent online shopping experience.


WordPress has continued to grow and grow over the years. It is now the most popular website platform in the world. With that, things like WooCommerce and Elementor flourished. It makes sense to combine them together.

This helps create a great online shopping experience that is unique and enjoyable for your customers.

I hope this article points you in the right direction to find the best WooCommerce Elementor templates. You can’t go wrong with any of the suggestions in the list above.

Give them a look, try them and see what you think. Before you know it, you will have found one of the best WooCommerce Elementor templates available. Now, you can start building your dream online store.







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