11 of the best plugins for the WordPress login page

11 من أفضل الإضافات لصفحة تسجيل الدخول إلى WordPress

Your WordPress login page is the door leading to the management area of your website. You need to make it secure but you also need to allow authorized users to log in easily.

In this article, we have selected some of the best WordPress login page plugins that you can use.

Improve the security and appearance of the WordPress login page

The default login page to WordPress looks the same as it does on all WordPress sites. It’s very easy and doesn’t have any design or branding for your site :

WordPress login page

Maybe you run a membership site . You probably have multiple people logging into your WordPress site. In both cases, it is better to customize the login page. This allows you to make it look good and create a better user experience.

In addition, you may want to make logging in as smooth as possible without compromising WordPress security .

Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress login page plugins. This can improve the login experience and security on your website.

1. SeedProd :

seedpord login page

SeedProd is the no 1 drag-and-drop landing page builder for WordPress. It allows you to create completely custom pages for WordPress without writing any code.

They also have a login landing page block that allows you to change the default login page to WordPress to a custom login page designed to boost conversions.

Below is a before / after Page example of a custom WordPress login page we created :

login page

You can use SeedProd to create custom login pages that promote your other products, offer loyalty discounts to existing users, offer new products, and more.

Login pages are a hidden revenue opportunity that many companies do not take advantage of. If you have an online store or a membership site, this plugin is a must have!

2. WPForms :

wpforms login page


WPForms is the best WordPress form builder add-on, and comes with a powerful user registration and login extension. This allows you to create your own custom user registration and login forms with just a few clicks.

It’s easy to add these templates anywhere on your WordPress site. In addition, you can use them as payment forms so that users need to pay to register.

3. Theme My Login :

theme login page

Theme My Login is a popular add-on for creating custom WordPress login pages. You can also use it to allow users to register on your WordPress site without accessing the administration area.

4. Temporary Login Without Password :

temporary login

Temporary login without a password allows you to grant users access without creating an account for them. You can specify an expiration date or time for a temporary login or delete it at any time.

This is a good option if you need to give WordPress developers access to your site. You do not need to create a permanent account for them.

5. Shield Security

shield login page

Shield Security is a multipurpose plugin. It can implement a number of useful security features for your site.

By default, WordPress does not lock users if they try to use the wrong password several times. Shield Security allows you to limit login attempts and automatically block brute-force bots.

It also has features to stop unwanted comments, to help you control automatic WordPress updates, and more.

6. Nextend Social Login :

Nextend Social allows your users to log in using Facebook, Google or Twitter. This way, they can log in more quickly. They do not need to create a separate password for your site.

The plugin is easy to setup and use. You can set a custom redirect address to send users to a specific page after they register. You can also use their Facebook, Google or Twitter profile picture as their avatar on your site.

7. Remember Me :

remember login page

Remember me automatically checks the “Remember Me” checkbox by default on your WordPress login page. Usually, if you didn’t check this box while logging in, WordPress will forget about your login as soon as you close the browser window.

Checking this box automatically means that you will still be logged in by default. This makes accessing your website faster and easier.

However, if several users have access to the administrator area of your website, we do not recommend enabling this on your website.

You should also not use this plugin if you repeatedly log on to your website using shared computers or from a public network (shops, cafes, airports).

8. Custom Login Page Customizer :

It allows you to design your own custom login page using the WordPress theme customization tool.

You can change the login page using other methods. However, many of them ask you to add a code. Custom login page makes it easier for you.

9. Simple History :

Simple History makes it easy to track user activity on your WordPress site including user logins. It keeps a simple and easy-to-understand record of basic user activity, which is useful for protecting your website.

The extension allows you to find out when the user logged in and what they did during their session. You can also find out when to log out.

10. Password Protected :


Password protected allows you to easily protect the entire WordPress site password . You can allow administrators and registered users to view it. You can also create a master password to share with others.

11. Peter’s Login Redirect :

Peter’s Login Redirect allows you to redirect users to any page on your website after logging in. You can set up such redirects based on user roles and capabilities.

It can also be used to set up a redirect for individual users. This can be useful if you have several people working in different parts of your site.

The plugin also allows you to set up redirects for the user registration form as well. This enables you to properly welcome newly registered users, give them instructions on the next step, or simply show them a thank you message.

What is the best addition to the WordPress login page (Selection of experts) ?

We believe that SeedProd is the best WordPress login page plugin to create a completely customized login page for your site.

WPForms is another great option if you are looking for a comprehensive form builder because it comes with user registration forms, login forms, and more.

We hope that this article helped you find the best extensions for the WordPress login page for your website.


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