Learn how to create a good and relevant content

good and relevant content

If you want to become distinguished in your field of specialization, you must use good and relevant content of your own to achieve this goal.

Choose the topic ( content ) carefully

Create useful, entertaining, or inspirational content related to what you’re selling or marketing Provide solutions to the problems your audience faces urgently, add your experience and build trust with them. This reinforces the feeling that people who need in-depth help will look for you first .

Choose the topic you enjoy creating

If you are not interested in your topic , no one else will either .

To avoid this, brainstorm questions :

  • What do you do to make people wonder ?
  • What is the fun activity that makes you vomit most of the time for it ?
  • Why should I ask for your advice and advice ?
  • If you had to apply, what content would you take ?

Many beginners try to ” keep their options open ” until they choose a wide field, which leads to a lot of trouble later .

As a result of lack of experience and failure to acquire the required skill .

* But it is better for you to narrow first and then branch out and expand at a later time .

* Choose a topic so that you have enough stock to talk about it, but keep it narrow, so that you become the reference in it .

 To achieve a good and relevant content : make a list of the goals you prefer. Then choose a smaller slice, a smaller slice, and maybe a smaller and smaller slice .

How do you make your broad topic narrow ?

Through the following questions :

  1. What kind of ___ ?
  2. Which side ___?
  3. What group of people ___?
  4. What is the tool or method ___?
  5. What is the different way of ___ ?

Chose the environment to relevant

How do people interact with online content ?

Keep in mind people’s preferences and impress a bit of your personality when choosing your primary content format. So there are three main options you should use :

  • Text – Use your site to write articles or blog posts.
  • Audio – Use your site to embed podcast episodes.
  • Video – Start a YouTube channel and include videos about your products.

Regardless of the environment, your site is a home on the Internet that you own and control .

You must create pages

The pages contain general information about the site, such as the “about” page, the contact page, and others.

To create a new page in WordPress, you can go to the option: Page > Add New .

Then type your page address, press Enter and start typing .

And once you’re done, preview and publish .

The most important pages you should have :

  • The home page is where you can welcome people to your site.
  • A blog or note page that lists recent posts or articles.
  • About page: Explains how you help, what you do, and who you are, in that order.
  • Contact Provide information on how to contact you .

In addition, you need some legal pages such as :

  1. Privacy Policy : Readers are assured that you will keep their information private
  2. Connection : Lets visitors know that you make money, hope to make money, or have relationships with others
  3. Terms and Conditions of Service: Defines what the visitor agrees to when visiting your site

Write your article or post :

You should use Posts for individual articles, blog posts, videos, or podcast episodes .

Not sure what to write ?

You can see how to write a blog article perfectly, here is the following link https://incomeschool.com and it is one of the best tutorials through which you can learn how to use images .


How do I add a nofollow tag to a link ?

The easiest way to add a nofollow tag to a link in WordPress is via the Yoast SEO plugin

Simply select the text you want to link to, click the link icon and toggle the nofollow flag to the on position

You can also add the nofollow tag manually via HTML

What do I do if someone copies my content ?

Keep calm and then decide if you want to take any action against him. Depending on the scope of the violation and the influence of the offending party, it may not be worth wasting your time and pursuing them .

In the event that you stalk it, you can send an email stating that your content is copyrighted and needs to be removed

Another option is to file a DMCA takedown notice, which is a request to a hosting provider, search engine, or other site owner to remove your copyrighted material .



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