20 terms you need to know in websites and WordPress !


20 terms :

Not everyone can be a web expert , but it helps to at least know the basics . Therefor below is a list of the top 20 web-related terms that you are likely to come across when entering the world of WordPress .


A printed copy of the original program . Existence of creation and merit status .


CMS refer to Content Management System . Which is a great way of describing a software application or tool that one can use to design or manage . As it is published without having to know how to code .


CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a style language used to write formatting guidelines or rules that tell your browser what your content should look like in terms of layout and style .

control Board

The first screen you see when you log into your WordPress account. This is where the magic happens – you can quickly access all of your site’s content, user permissions, account settings, plugin management, and more .

domain name

Just a great word for your website title, or URL ; For example www.yourwebsite.com .

Google Analytics

A service powered by Google that gives you insight into :

  1.  Your website’s performance ( such as how long visitors stay, which pages are most popular, etc ) .
  2.  The nature of your visitors (eg geographic location, traffic sources, etc.) .

Google Analytics is a popular plugin that can be added to your WordPress account .

programming language

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is written in tags or tags and is the language in which your website is written .

Learning this “hidden” code can take months and is one of the reasons why so many people use a content management system, such as WordPress, to build their site because it is easier for them to learn the code .


JavaScript is a programming language that is used to make web pages interactive – such as quizzes and polls .


Any program intended to harm a computer system or the Site, whether it is a virus, spyware, worm or other form of harmful bug .

media library

Any images, videos, or recordings that you upload for use on your WordPress site are kept in the media library, accessible through your dashboard .


Any single page of content on your website. Pages usually have their own place in the navigation and common examples include the About Us, Contact Us, etc. pages of your website .


A permanent link that always directs visitors to the same page. In blogs, for example, a lot of content is posted directly to the homepage, cutting down older posts. Once these posts are archived, the permalink provides an alternative, permanent way to display the post on its own separate page .


Software that can be integrated with your WordPress account to extend the functionality of your website. Learn more about add-ons Articles

Unlike a page, an article (in WordPress terminology) has a specific relevance to blogs and makes up the majority of their content. Every time you post a new content entry, it is considered a post.

SSL certificate

If you’re starting an online store, an SSL certificate is essential to reduce the risk of your customers’ credit card information (and other private data and terms ) being stolen .


To appear on the search engine you have to follow the strategy of increasing the traffic to your website by increasing its ranking in the search results pages .

There is no exact formula for how to rank higher, but there are plenty of agreed upon tactics that are known to help.


It allows you to group related blog posts together . And this is based on their content, such as “recipes,” “travel tips,” or “products I love.”


Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your website without changing the underlying content or software. You can choose from thousands of WordPress themes – from simple to ornate – to find the one that best suits your style, or just create a custom one yourself .

Web hosting

Your web host stores the files that make up your website on highly capable computers, called servers, so you don’t have to. Hosting your site on a server keeps your website running 24/7 and connected to the rest of the internet. Learn more about hosting .

Last terms

Widgets ( Side boxes )

It adds special tools and additional functions to the site, such as plugins, specifically on the sidebar or bottom (invoice) .

Examples include : calendar, search bar, tags, and more .



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