Why WordPress ?

لماذا WordPress؟

Why WordPress ?


Most WordPress themes can be set up and customized without any code required. With an incredibly intuitive dashboard, no WordPress developer is required to make the updates you need .

WordPress Quick Install

It only takes a few minutes and 1-click installation to use WordPress. This way, you can start creating your own website as soon as you have the knowledge to create it .

Mobile compatible

An unresponsive website may also be invisible. With WordPress, most themes are optimized to work well and look good on all types of devices.


WordPress is open source, which means that its source code is freely available to you. You need hosting to store and run the code, but the code itself is free and keeps costs down .

Everything else

From updating your site on the WordPress mobile app, to assigning specific permission levels to your site’s contributors – WordPress covers all your needs.


Whether you’re building an online store or a private WordPress blog, this platform offers thousands of themes and plugins to make your site look and work exactly the way you want it to.

Beautiful templates

Choosing a theme for your new website can be the most exciting part of the building process . Are you looking for a minimalist modern design ? With thousands of free and premium templates to choose from .

Templates are easily modified as well . Fonts, colors, headings, images, and the content itself – all of this can be easily changed through an easy-to-use WordPress dashboard . For more specific needs, you can create custom themes as well. From online stores to thriving blogs to stunning portfolios, it’s easy to find the right style solution for your unique site.

WordPress Plugins

On top of looking good, WordPress provides you with the ability to extend your site’s overall functionality through plugins.

For example, you may be looking to set up an online store for your business. Or you may need to enter someone’s contact address via a form. The countless plugins available can help you add these capabilities (and many more) to your site.

What can plug-ins (extensions) do ?

  • Check comments for spam
  • Improve your SEO
  • View media such as videos and PDFs
  • Slideshows, galleries and sliders.
  • Speed up your site
  • Subscribe visitors to the email list
  • Help you create an online store
  • Link your account to Google Analytics
  • Add more advanced navigation
  • Protect your site from hackers
  • Build and operate multilingual websites

Through the above in this article, we conclude  ” why WordPress ? ” is the perfect choice .



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